The Focus Point PI Season VI Session 2

 38  2018-05-03  00:03:54

In the first weekend of March, we inaugurated the VI Season of the Practiculum of Implantology. 15 dentists decided to acquire unique knowledge and surgical skills in dental implantology. During the first Session, the doctors performed treatments for the Patients under the supervision of Ph. D Violetta Szycik, and one of them inserted his first implant in his life.

The second session of the 6th Season was also dominated by the Patients’ procedures. Preceded by lectures and exercises on the models, they resulted in the implantation of over a dozen implants for the Patients under the supervision of Ph. D Violetta Szycik. More and more treatments, practice and new experiences as well as surgical skills but also a lot of new interesting and useful news.

Many questions and even more answers and explanations, from general to specific. By confirming the obvious facts, to the smallest nuances that are often decisive for the success of treatment and maintaining results for many years.

In the program, with the great interest in lectures and exercises in crisis situations in the dentists under the direction of Monika Skorynkiewicz-Kasprzyk, Ph. D MBA, as part of the program called Your Business Success.

From the beginning, we have been accompanied by a perfect, friendly atmosphere. It is already a tradition that we are visited by wonderful doctors, whom we transferred with the greatest pleasure the knowledge and experience gained during over 24 years of practice in implantology. Many new messages, new knowledge, new procedures and new skills.

The Practiculum of Implantology is the most advanced and innovative training for doctors that want to meet the world of inserting the implants. It is based on practical courses with the participation of patients, where doctors perform procedures under the supervision of Ph. D Violetta Szycik. This is the best and unique education in dental implantology. The training was rewarded with the Teraz Polska emblem, and takes place at the Vivadental Institute, rewarded twice by the Golden Laurel of Quality and the Polish Quality Award.

Will the VI season participants achieve such good results as their colleagues who after completing the training successfully insert implants in their own practices and provide their patients with the best treatment options for lost teeth?

Head of the international educational center Ph. D Violetta Szycik is one of the few Leaders of implantology and an expert in the field of implantology with 24 years of experience and 30 years in education of students and postgraduate training of dentists, conducting clinical and specialization internships and innovative implant training. Her courses have been completed by over 400 doctors, whom she has awarded over 1200 certificates. Is considered to be a precursor of Polish implantology.

In July 2016, she carried out a pioneer stem cell transplant treatment in a simultaneous reconstruction of jaw and mandible bone in two young people suffering from oligodontia, resulting in a phenomenal result of the reconstruction of bone structures that became the foundation for the reconstruction of the entire dentition based on implants.

Participants of the Practiculum of Implantology benefit from the innovative original educational program of Ph. D Violetta Szycik and get the best practical skills in procedures based on implants, prosthetics and bone regeneration. This allows implantology students to introduce implantology into their practice and to meet the needs of their patients at the highest level of knowledge and medical advancement.